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I’m Frank Symons and I'm the founder of Quest Nest. I wish everyone playing this wonderful game to have fun, enjoy themselves and have an amazing experience. 

A nest can be warm, cozy, fuzzy and comfortable. A place where others feel at home. In other words a safe place, where you can be yourself and share stories over a bowl of food next to a fire. Learn from each other to be a better you. However a nest can also be dangerous, something to avoid, tricky, but yet rewarding. We hope with Quest Nest to provide both, for a GM to grow you'll need to (occasionally) get into your growth zone and out of your comfort zone. 

I started as a GM using the guidance of an adventure module. Quickly, I realised I needed more time to give my players the quality story they deserve. 

Finding PC backstory connections, setting up guilds, figure out the deities, what monsters lived there, the dominant races and the different local governing bodies. Therefore, I decided I might as well homebrew the entire adventure and started to think about my players. 

How would I get my new players to learn about these deities and guilds? How would I get them thinking about the worlds' history, or talk about wars that happened 3.000 years ago? Before you know it, you’re just building and planning for months, then years.

It just made sense for me to share the knowledge of that world, add artwork, rework my notes so others could understand them and let others enjoy the game without the countless hours of preparation.

 Therefore I came up with the term “GM-Friendly Adventures”, which gives the GM everything they need to play the game, but doesn’t take away room for homebrew or player advocacy. My players are still playing in the game and the world is still expanding!

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Frank Symons
Founder & Writer
Myself, I love relaxing with friends or family, great food (maybe some rum) and watching a movie or reading a book, before I know it; I’m making notes and imagine the world of the Ketza Kingdom expand. Currently the time for those relaxing moments have shortened, since I became a dad. Proud that I've gotten this far! Still dreaming so much further...

Looks similar?!
  • Brooke Whitney - DriveThruRPG

    This is a massive resource packed with a gripping premise, interesting new mechanics, unique factions, and epic villains. Color coding info to make it easily accessible while running the game is a fantastic idea, and you've provided a ton of guidance for GMs to work off of. Excellent work!

    I'm a big fan of out-of-the-box adventure design that intends to help GMs run a game easily. It's a hard enough job already! :)

    We'll definitely be looking forward to more titles from you on DriveThruRPG.

  • Po - Player of the Adventure

    So, you messed up and now you're in Hell. What now? We're going to escape and we're killing as many devils as we can. 

    Escape from Hell's Prison gives a comprehensive overview of an escape adventure against evil and smart antagonists. It's soon apparent that simply brute-forcing your way out is not an option. That doesn't mean that the Barbarian Orc with -10 intelligence is useless, far from it. Battles are frequent and varied, allowing the DM to input nearly anything he wants to whilst having a plethora of monsters and preset situations to choose from. But the more patient, smarter characters are able to shine as they try to unravel the secrets of Hell and plot their escape. 

    The adventure is sprawling and can be complicated. Note taking for party members is advised. There are battles, plots, but also moral dilemma's and twists along the way. This book provides the DM with a solid and comprehensive framework that can be easily followed, but leaves room for the fiery imagination. 

  • GdG - Player of the Adventure

    This campaign was a lot of fun! There is so much content, we kept getting sidetracked and then there were so much consequences. This world is build carefully and everything is connected.

    Good for the casual playthrough but also with so much depth to get sucked into! I was always looking forward to the next session and looking back at the previous one with joy.

    In my own playthrough, it was great fun discovering the secrets and slowly piecing together the puzzle, with the occasional cathartic battle in between. No spoilers for the ending, but that was a bit evil.