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Welcome to Quest Nest, where we hope you to have fun, enjoy yourselves and have an amazing experience. With my “GM-Friendly” products at Quest Nest, we aim to limit your prep-time, providing you time to keep on doing what you love.

Book 2: The Divine Forge

The Divine Forge is a 5e compatible campaign setting where you get to explore the region of the Talis Province inside the Ketza Kingdom.

Ready for an adventure where 'nothing is what it seems'? Every big bad guy or girl has a twist that make your players look at you with a face that says: "Oh no you didn't."

The 250 page 5e compatible Kickstarter will be releasing on November 18th. Sign up for pre-launch below.


Spice up your own world

Looking for some assets to add to your already running campaign? Well, you're at the right place!

The Divine Forge is going to contain 1 new race, 1 new class, 10 new spells, 10 new magic items, 9 new legendary actions, as well as a world with 6 new guilds/factions and a compelling adventure for 6th to 9th level characters. The assets are designed for you to use in your next session.

  • Zombie Race

    Do you have a fantasy of hunting for brains? A new custom "Zombie" race will be included in the Kickstarter. Now you have the chance to play it out with your own unique character.

  • Magic Items

    10 New Magic items available for use in your own world. Turn the spells of your enemies back on them with the Staff of Lok'tar Babakin. Just make sure you can pass the DC...

  • NPCs

    5 Fully fleshed out Bad Guys, at least 7 regional NPCs with fears, goals and desires, stats and artwork. These NPCs can be easily added to an already running game.

Book 1: Hells Prison Escape

Our first Kickstarter Campaign was a success! A story that involves around the history of the world and plunging your players into the consequences of their actions. But! Most of all, it's about a prison escape, from no other place than Hell.