"Practical tools a GM needs to reduce their preparation time and help run their game."

Do you feel that being a GM is difficult?

Preparing a session just takes too long? Even after you bought an adventure that’s supposed to help you run your game?

- We understand. That’s why we fix that. -

“I often see content where I still need to find ways to make it work for my table. Our products provide clarity, are concise and with enough flavour to spark your GM muscles so you can plug-and-play them at your table and to weave stories that makes you laugh out loud.”

Frank (founder of Quest Nest)

  • How we approach your session

    We provide tools like summaries, flowcharts, mechanics, scenarios and advice to help you prepare your sessions. Additionally, we use colour coding and layout to help you browse the adventures when needed if the time arises at a game day. 

  • Plug-and-play what is relevant

    Plug-and-play, spark your imagination or steal inspiration. Our adventures leave enough room for homebrew, so you can tailor the content to your table and maintain player advocacy.

  • Roleplay advice

    Convince your players that your NPCs are unique, dynamic and alive. We include the basics like fears, desires, bonds, etc. And we go a step further with digital tokens, cinematic attacks, loot and more.

Spice up your own world

Looking for skill challenges, rituals and herbs to add to your already running campaign?

We provide a variety of skill challenges, printable herb cards that show anything relevant from worth, harvesting, effects and where to find them.

Use these herbs with skill challenges for different rituals and poisons. Whether that is a Blood Ritual or one to bring back the dead.

Taste them here

Brain Raider

Blur the line between life and death playing as an undead, with the Brain Raider Class.

Challenge yourself with a double-edged class, as your powers increase, so does the challenge to maintain control over your curse.

The choice is yours - will you give in to your primal urges, or will you fight against them and try to preserve what little humanity you have left?

Brain hungry? Or just curious?
  • Brooke Whitney - DriveThruRPG

    "This is a massive resource packed with a gripping premise, interesting new mechanics, unique factions, and epic villains. Color coding info to make it easily accessible while running the game is a fantastic idea, and you've provided a ton of guidance for GMs to work off of. Excellent work!

    I'm a big fan of out-of-the-box adventure design that intends to help GMs run a game easily. It's a hard enough job already!"

  • Po - Player of the Adventure

    "So, you messed up and now you're in Hell. What now? We're going to escape, look cool and kill as many devils as we can!"

    Battles are frequent and varied, allowing the DM to choose their own gladiator fight, or choose from preset situations. But! The more patient, smarter characters are able to shine as they try to unravel the secrets of Hell and plot their escape. Note taking for party members is advised.

    "There are battles, plots, but also moral dilemma's and twists along the way."

  • GdG - Player of the Adventure

    "This campaign was a lot of fun! There is so much content, we kept getting sidetracked and then there were so many consequences. The Ketza Kingdom is built carefully and everything is connected.

    Good for the casual playthrough, but also with so much depth to get sucked into! I was always looking forward to the next session and looking back at the previous one with joy.

    In my own playthrough, it was great fun discovering the secrets and slowly piecing together the puzzle, with the occasional cathartic battle in between. No spoilers for the ending, but that was a bit evil.