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Welcome to the world of the Ketza Kingdom. I’m making a series of adventures in a homebrew world that’s based on the existing materials and my own imagination. This should invite both new and existing GMs to build on what they know, but have a worthy adventure that has some BBE, plot twists, maps, connecting storylines, hooks, but also connects NPCs and intertwines them with a PC backstory. These adventures have:

  • Monster tactics, including up-/downscaling
  • GM walkthrough, playtested advice and tips.
  • Required tables, 
  • Appropriate maps of all rooms, what/whom you could find in there, 
  • World Lore,
  • Scene descriptions and suggestions what NPC will say,
  • Race/ class/ background perks tied into the adventure for your players to shine,
  • What NPCs are there, what they desire and/or even look like.