We are humble, but proud of what we do

We have successfully launched and delivered over 1200 pages to our backers within 2 years. For that we have created the Ketza Kingdom including factions, deities, monsters, magic items, antagonists, NPCs, new mechanics, skill challenges, puzzles, a new class with subclasses and everything else a GM needs to run an awesome encounter.

In addition, we love to collaborate! So far, we have worked with:

Kobold Press, Lone Colossus Games, Frog God Games, Loresmyth, Headless Hydra Press, Mad Lizard Games, Storytellers Forge and many more in the future!

  • Help with

    • Project Management 
    • Writing
    • Editing
    • Collaboration with others
    • Conventions
    • Resilience and perseverance 
    • Holistic approach from the client
    • Consult 
  • Crowdfunding Advice

    • Kickstarter page advice
    • Budgeting 
    • Company strategy session
    • Product clarification 
    • Artist advice
    • Editor advice
    • Marketing learnings
    • Pricing strategy
    • Launch and delivery dates
    • Project communication 
    • Legal and copyright 
    • Printing and Distribution 
    • Feedback and product improvement 
    • Stretch Goals