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Injuries and Vile Deeds

Injuries and Vile Deeds

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Gone are the days of nondescript attack and damage rolls!

Injuries & Vile Deeds restores excitement to 5e combat, providing rules for cinematic, tactical encounters. PC Injuries create narrative tension, keeping the party on its toes as they weigh the risks of pressing on or allowing their enemies to get a step ahead. Meanwhile, players can now add mechanical effects to descriptive combat, inflicting Injuries on their enemies and causing negative status effects with every action.

Injuries & Vile Deeds contains Injury systems for PCs and their enemies, adding rules to encourage tactical and descriptive combat for Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition. It also comes packed with 220 pages of new feats, items, spells, subclasses, terrifying monsters, and villainous NPCs to use at your table.

The book is filled with gorgeously detailed artwork illustrating every magic item, monster, and NPCs. Follow this link to the Lone Colossus Games webstore to get the PDF+physical book as well with a 10% discount!

If you're a fan of the combat aesthetics in shows like Castlevania or The Witcher, or love the kill animations in games like God of War, Sekiro, and Shadow of Mordor, the Injuries and Vile Deeds will be the perfect addition to your game.

Product Details

Full-colour, hyperlinked and bookmarked PDF; 224 pages. Version 1.04

The book includes...

  • A set of injury systems for player characters and their enemies that promise to improve your cinematic and tactical combat experience in 5e
  • 50+ magic items, including new potions and poisons
  • 50+ spells, including new ‘Lair Magic’, spells for enchanting a villain’s lair
  • 40+ monsters that use the injury systems to create new and deadly threats for your adventuring party
  • 20+ NPCs including plot hooks, personality, and lore for named characters
  • 20+ feats 
  • 12 new subclasses (one for each class) with villainous flair
  • 10 backgrounds for villainous and ex-villainous characters
  • Over 100 gorgeous (and terrifying), full-color illustrations
  • A new 5e character sheet stylized with a dark fantasy flair, including a page to track injuries and diseases
  • Guidelines for incorporating villainous actions and violent scenes into safe gameplay

Printable and form-fillable themed 5e character sheet in color and black-and-white with space to track the new mechanics added in the book, including injuries, injury threshold, and diseases.

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